Engagement with a purpose: Get better care.


3 Steps to working smarter: 

1. Shift: Collect routine information and ratings at home instead of during your appointment.

2. Sift:  CCI's cloud-based analytics organize your responses into a meaningful "pre-assessment report"

3. Gift: Share the Pre-assessment with your care partners.  Help your clinician give you the benefit of formal assessments and have more time for better understanding.


Engaged practice reduces patient frustration by changing the clinical workflow: 


By engaging with the CCI pre-assessment process at home, patient inputs are collected ahead of visits. Then CCI's data analytic processes sifts the information and transforms it into clinically meaningful displays.   The pre-assessment report makes it easy for patients and their clinicians to inform clinical decisions with measure-based guidance. The gift of extra time gives care providers the opportunity to apply higher skills during clinical visits. 



Engage with CCI's Self-Care Partner at home to create a "pre-assessment report


Have more time for high level engagement with your clinician during your appointment